My latest Choreography.

March 4, 2009

Hi all

Here’s a peek at my latest dances for the coming months.

1. I can’t forget this Night by Mark Medlock and Dieter Bohlen (Nightclub 2 Step)

2. Eso Beso by Emma Bunton (samba)

3. You light up my life by Westlife (waltz)

4. Juliet by Modern Talking

5. Killa by Cherish Ft. Yung Joc (funky)


Latest Review (4 Mar 09)

March 4, 2009

Jai Ho (Ginger Kozlowski):

2 words: Damn Fun……(Hand action liao liao.)

Juvenile (Shaz):

I consider this a latin cha cha to a funky beat. Shaz has simplified some of her dances recently, this is no exception. The 1st eight provides good chance for cuban hips.

Circus (Joey):

Bring on the clowns, the acrobats and the animals. The circus is coming to town.

Stand Up Routine (Lloyd):

The song has a nice funky beat to it. Dance fits the song and lyrics as well.

My 10 Fave Nightclub 2 Step Dances

February 19, 2009

1. With These Eyes (Darren B & Niels P)

It took me more than a month before picking it up. At first, I didnt take to the dance itself, but the more I listen, the more I like it. Hope to request it this month.

2. Together We Are One (Geri M).

This was a very inspirational song for me. It brought thru my poly years, giving me motivation all the way. It’s like a morale boosting song.

3. Endless (MVL)

I totally fell in love with the song the moment I hear it. It just strikes me in my heart.

4. Footprints In The Sand (Dee M)

A great one by Dee. It makes you feel the steps.

5. Poetry In Motion (MIL)

One of the first nightclub 2 step I learnt. At that time, it was very challenging ,as there werent many of these dances around.

6. When You Love Someone (MVL)

MVL hit another jackport with this dance, a popular one being played at various jams.

7. That’s The Day (Dee M)

This song reminds me of my growing up process. The song title says it, ‘A boy becomes a man’. I would be filled with emotion whenever I dance.

8. What Hurts The Most (Shaz)

 I had initially wanted to choreograph to this song. But upon knowing that Shaz is coming up with a dance, I let go of it. It’s one of the most beautifully choreogaphed nightclub I have ever did..

9. When I’m With You (Kinsers)

There was a problem with the 3rd set of 8 on the dance script. Counting did not tally with the steps. Therefore, this dance did not quite take off. But when the video was released, the problem was instantly solved. I must say, there is a certain smoothness to this dance.

10. I Don’t Wanna Fight (Elke)

One of my fave nightclub from elke. Love the sweeps in the 1st eight and the curvature cross shuffle.

Dance Review (17 Feb 09)

February 17, 2009

Yo ppl..

I just learnt these dances (with song) .

Chiki Chiki (David Spencer):

Nice song with a latin feel. Steps are not very complicated. ‘Easy to remember’ type of dance. Good dance for the masses.

This Is Me (MVL):

Another nightclub 2 step by Micheal Vera-Lobos. Not very difficult with repetitive steps. A dance which I will definitely feel on the dancefloor.

In The ‘A’ (Guyton M):

A highly phrased funky dance. It’s seriously very difficult. Have not really got the gist of it. It will take some time for me to fully master it. Good Luck to me..

My Dreamcar

February 16, 2009

Looking at the above title,

I only have one in my mind.


Fell in love with it when i first saw it at Perth King’s Park in Australia. and it’s yellow, my fave colour. Took pics of it (soon to be posted).

Another of my Fave car is Mitsubitshi Evolution VII.

Story is the same. Saw it first here. also yellow.

February 16, 2009

Hi there ppl

For this week, what dance shall i review..


Something Crazy:

Very well choreographed dance by Neville. Love the part with the heel twist while hitching left knee. Also the 2nd eight, fits the beat well.


Wonder why is it not popular, probably it’s the song. Nice cha cha steps though, could be popular if there’s an alternative latin song.

My One Desire:

Great samba track. Easy steps to go with. But the tags… first thought that it could be replaced with restarts. but on further listening, the tag fits very well, indeed. Good one, Peter M.

Taking Back My Love:

Took an immediate liking to the song. not tried the dance, feel that it will be popular, with its easy steps. First 32counts are similar, not a difficult dance. will definitely pick it up.

Hit The Lights:

This dance will most likely be a hit here. Simple funky steps to a funky song. The last part with the hand action is cute. Another dance i will learn.



I think that should be all for now.

Hello world!

February 15, 2009

Hi all

Welcome to my blog.

You can find my reviews on linedances each week.